How We Accomplish It

Process Flow

Collection of Past 3 months data from the Management regarding:
Customer complaints, Productivity levels & Rejection levels etc.
Study of Bottlenecks in different areas
Preparation of Gap Analysis
Approval from CEO/Director
Start of Activities
Weekly Review
Corrective Actions, if Required


First 3 months

Monitoring of On Time Delivery, Quality Improvements, Increase of Resource Utilization etc.

Next 3 months

Implementations of Quality Systems, 5S and Kaizen activities. Monitoring etc.

6-9 months

Managerial Training of Staff in Processes and Manpower Recruitment.

9-12 months

Feedback from Internal Customers and Improvements in Overall Implementations.

Pricing Details

– INITIAL VISIT – FREE OF COST. The initial site visit is at no cost to the customer.
– CONSULTANCY FEES – Depends upon the Requirement of Organisation which will be discussed and mutually agreed after Initial Plant visit.
– IMPLEMENTATION COST (Consultancy + Implementation during first year):
There are 2 parts to these charges.
1. A nominal FIXED AMOUNT to cover up the day to day expenses of the team; PLUS
2. A small percentage of the INCREASED ANNUAL PRODUCTIVITY VALUE (Typically ranges between 1-2%)

Consultancy Stakeholders

Involvement of the following stakeholders shall be solicited during the tenure of the consultancy.
– Management and Staff
– Workers and Non-executive employees
– The Consulting Team
– Partial Involvement of the C-Level Executives


We provide specialized Training in Quality and Productivity Tools like
– 5S
These will be on Cost of Company in addition to Consultancy Fees.

General Training will be given by our own Internal Consultants, at required intervals during Implementation, as and when required.