Products and Services

We specialise in a host of products and services related to the Factory environment. Our expertise gets you the best in class in whatever we have to offer. From the entire gamut of Physical Factory Establishment; To Quality & Processes; To Managing Legal issues, WE HAVE IT ALL....

Technical And Factory

- Plant and Machinery set up for New and Old Plants
- Layout of the Factory
- Factory Lighting and Ventilation
- Vaastu Consultancy Services for Industries
- Construction Management and Supervision
- Operation and Maintenance Procedures
- Tools and Die Developments for Metal / Plastic Industries
- Safety and Security
- Electrical Installations
- Back-ups for Utilities

Processes and Productivity

- Market Research and Consumer Survey
- Business Development
- Productivity Improvements
- Automation for Processes
- Material Handling systems
- Workflow Procedures
- Inventory Management (JIT - Just In Time)
- Quality Control
- Manpower Optimisation
- Job Enrichment

Legal and Compliance

Our experienced team of Associates, CAs and Advocates offer a complete suite of services including:
- Company Secretarial Services
- Taxation Laws
- Intellectual Property Rights
- Corporate & Legal Services
- Administration and Accounting Services
- NGOs
- Digital Marketing